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About Us

Entuze has been founded by a team of professionals from diverse fields connected by a common passion: “Preparing college graduates for 21st century jobs”. It is estimated that in FY2015, approximately 27 million under-graduate students were enrolled in approximately 39,000 colleges across India, and based on India’s young demography this number is expected to grow rapidly. However, the curriculum that is followed by most higher education institutions has not kept pace with the rapidly evolving demand from the industry. Today industry demands a workforce that is proficient in communication; agile; has basic business skill (e.g., data analysis, presentation, writing etc.) and foundational concepts in Maths, Statistics, Economics etc.; and is trained in 21st century skill sets, e.g., data analytics, digital marketing, machine learning, complex logistics management, social media analysis etc. Most importantly, professional today need to have the ability and mindset to reskill as many jobs that exist today may disappear in not too distant future. In most cases the established college education system is unable to cope up with the industry’s need for such talent.

At Entuze, we strive to identify skills and knowledge areas that the industry is demanding and we endeavour to prepare college graduates to bridge the gap by providing them with necessary tools and resources.